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Target level/age: Beginner/under 10 yrs

Topic: A singing lady

Click here to watch the video.

Answer the questions below after watching the video clip.


1. Who do you think she is?

2. Where do you think she is singing?

3. What is she singing about?

4. Why do you think people who are looking at her are laughing?

Discuss with your partner about the answers..

Worked with: Morgan :

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SKKU TESOL: Sungkyunkwan TESOL homepage


Arirang TV: The Korean first English TV broadcaster that provides media in English


The Korea Herald: The home of one of South Korea’s largest English newspapers with information on what is happening in Korea today.


VOA: Stands for Voice of America providing English news that covers of the U.S, Asia, Africa and the Mideast.


TESOL International Association : Useful resource for TESOLers to be.


Korea Joongang Daily Bilingual Column: Website that provides current issues in both Korea and English.

Word Clouds

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Top 10 of the most used words

1. skills : technique

2. practice : exercise

3. improvement : advancement

4. experience : background

5. communication : connection

6. exposed : revealed

7. actual : virtual

8. situation : circumstance

9. frustrated : discouraged

10. motivated : encouraged

SKKU TESOL Promotional Poster

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The SKKU TESOL Certificate Program is one of the best TESOL programs in Korea, especially renowned for its practicalitly.  It does not mean that the courses for theory and methodology are weak, rather what we learn from this program is much more beneficial for the real teaching situations.  What message we are tyring to convey in the poster is that anyone who wants to go across the bridge to sucessful English teacher needs to get the piece which is SKKU TESOL certificate program.

Original Google Drawing:–LvnRWt2w5H22bfexW9fkrR0lOmTgBqSg6M/edit

Worked with Morgan:

Restaurant menu skimming and scanning activities

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1. Burger King in Korea


2. Burger King in Indonesia

<Lesson Plan with Burger King Menus>

1. Topic : What do you want to eat at Burger King?

1. Skill : Reading Skill

2. Level : Intermediate / High school students & Adult

3. Objective :  

Students will be able to recognize the difference in Burger King menus in Korea and in Indonesia.

Students will be able to order what they want to eat by using those authentic materials.

4. How to use : This is for skimming and scanning practice using real fast-food restaurant menus in Korea and Indonesia respectively.  To use these authentic materials, firstly give learners enough time to look through the menus.  Secondly, ask skimming questions for overall contents or general ideas.  And then, go into the menus deeply and ask scanning questions for specific information.  Lastly, give a task that needs the information on both menus.

a. Pre-Reading : Display students pictures of various kinds of Burger King’s hamburgers and sandwiches and ask them what they want to order.

b.While-Reading : Give guided questions that help students obtain the general ideas about the menus for the purpose of improving skimming skills.

[Guided Questions for Skimming Skills]

– How many menus are there in Korean Burger King?

– How many menus are there in Indonesian Burger King?

– Are both menus categorized?

Let students make questions for specific information about the two menus. The questions

can be useful for developing scanning skills. The questions would be like this below.

[Specific Questions for Scanning Skills]

– Which menu is the highest in calories in Korean Burger King?

– Name the menus only Indonesian Burger King has.

– What is the menu that is only provided in Korean Burger King?

– How much more should you add pay if you want large size in Indonesian Burger King?

– What kinds of beverages are served in Indonesian Burger King?

c. Post-Reading : The situation for role-plays is given where a business person should take a buyer from Indonesia to Burger King in Korea.  One plays as a business person in Korea and the other does as a buyer from Indonesia.  Korean business person helps Indonesian buyer order and they discuss what is the similarities and differences between Burger Kings in both countries.  While doing that, students can learn to how to express their knowledge and have an opportunity to learn how to apply the authentic materials.

Voicethread Activity

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maine (1)

Click here to see my voicethread

Target level: Pre-intermediate – intermediate

Target age : From junior-high school to high school students.

Topic: Maine

How to do this activity: Have students watch each voicethread picture with voice and encourage to respond to questions  and make comments on it.


– To give brief information on the state of Maine.

– To practice speaking and writing for comments.

– To encourage students to speak about what they like or dislike.